Welcome to The Swedish Basset Fauve Club, Official Club in Sweden for the Hunting Dog Basset Fauve de Bretagne

“The great hunter in handsome size”

The Swedish Basset Fauve Club (Svenska Basset Fauve Klubben, SBFK)

SBFK is one of the sub units for the different race of Bassets organized in the Swedish Basset Club (Svenska Basset Klubben, SBaK) which in turn belongs to the Swedish Kennel Club (Svenska Kennel Klubben, SKK), member of FCI.

SBFK was founded in 2001. Its main directives from SBaK are to be responsible for the strategic breeding work as well as securing and improving the hunting capabilities of the race.


Basset Fauve in Sweden

Since 1993 over 1 000 dogs have been registered in Sweden. Around 5 to 10 dogs are still imported yearly mainly from France but also from other European countries due to the limited size of the population.


Hunting in Sweden

Basset Fauve in Sweden is used according to the Nordic tradition in hunting whith a single scent hound dog. The principal games are hares, foxes and different kind of dears. This requires that the dog has a big desire and capability to hunt independently and master all difficult phases of challenges during the hunt.

The trend in the Nordic society towards human treatment of animals in general leads to that most hunters look for hunting dogs that are very cooperative and obey orders. They shall also have a good social behavior towards humans and other dogs. Basset Fauve is considered to meet these requirements and at the same time being a high performing hunting dog. This combination makes Basset Fauve to one of the Swedish hunters ‘ choice of the modern hunting dog.

Basset Fauve is very accurate when tracing which lead to that many Swedish hunters normally uses his own Basset Fauve to track wounded games.


The hunting dogs in Sweden are tested and valuate in a similar way as the traditional Nordic hunting with a single dog following scent etc. The test leads to a rating of its hunting capability. Many Swedish Basset Fauves are champions in hunting category. Some have also awarded Nordic and international championships.


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We believe in cooperation and a wide network. Such networking cross borders will in our opinion have a positive impact in the long term on the maintainense and development of Basset Fauve as a hunting dog.

We can unfortunately not translate the complete website to English. Should you need more information about us or wish to contact other Swedish owners or breeders, please send a mail to the address below with your request and we will do our outmost to respond to you. Today we can answers your mail in English, French, German and Spanish.


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